Why Study at MMUST

Why Study at MMUST?
About the University
Masinde Muliro University Science and Technology (MMUST) is a student-centred University. According to the 2019 Universities Webometric Ranking, we are ranked at position 8 amongst Public and Private Universities in Kenya, position 100 in Africa and 5216 in the World. We excel in Quality Research, ensuring that the research knowledge generated is converted to useful application in the society.
Below are the Reasons why we are the “University of Choice”

MMUST main campus in Kenya is located 1 Km from Kakamega Central Business District (Kakamega CBD) on the Kakamega Webuye Road. The institution is located 42 Km from Webuye and 58 Km from Kisumu city in Kenya.
Teaching excellence
The University is well equipped with teaching facilities ranging from modern laboratory for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM)

MMUST offers quality Certificate, Diploma, Degree, Masters and PhD programs. This is evident by the many alumni who are stirring the job market across the world. The university offers student industry placement during attachments and also job network through the MMUST Alumni Network.
Kakamega Forest
The university is located on the verge of the famous Kakamega Forest, the only tropical rainforest which is Kenya's last remnant of the ancient Guineo-Congolian rainforest that once spanned the continent. The presence of the forest around the university creates a serein environment and beautiful ambience, good for higher learning.

High completion rate for Postgraduate studies
Postgraduate studies at MMUST is done within the standard and completed in time. The university has set up the Directorate of Postgraduate Studies (DPS) and the Directorate of Research and Postgraduate Support (DRPS). Through this directorates, postgraduate students receive all the necessary assistance in their studies which enables them finish studies in time.

Flexible Modes of Learning
The university has put in place an all accommodating mode of learning. At MMUST, there are normal regular week day classes for undergraduate students, there is weekend classes for working staff and Online and Distance E-learning for those far away from the university.

Affordable Cost of Living
For those who may wish to stay in this Western region of Kenya, the cost of living is affordable. Kakamega is an Agricultural County. Food stuffs and acommodation are cheap and readily available in this region.
You have no reason to worry anymore. Enrol with us today and set your academic journey rolling from wherever you are.



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