University Senate

University Senate

University Senate

Chaired by the Vice-Chancellor, the Senate  is responsible for regulating and directing the academic work of the University.

Acting in an advisory capacity to the Council, the Senate is responsible for overseeing all academic matters including the approval of new courses and the supervision and discipline of students.

The University Senate is empowered to act upon “educational matters and regulations of the academic community that affect more than one school.” Senate decisions in such matters are binding upon all Schools. University-wide commissions report their findings and recommendations to the Senate.

In addition, it is the deliberative body of the University for academic policies, structure, and procedures, including proposals for changes; it is concerned with the academic program and structure, personnel and budgetary policies, development of facilities, and community, professional, and educational relations of the University.

It makes recommendations to the Vice Chancellor and Chancellor, and, through the Vice Chancellor and Chancellor, to the University Council concerning the policies and practices of the University. The Senate may also make recommendations for consideration by each of the Schools concerning their internal educational programs and policies. The Senate is authorized to define the educational terms used in catalogs, bulletins, and other announcements, upon which it may also make advisory recommendations; it is responsible for fixing the academic calendar and determining the length of terms and vacations, for arranging the Commencement exercises, and for establishing regulations on academic costume.


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