Prof. Francis Orata Omoto
DirectorProf. Francis Orata

Directorate of Research and Postgraduate Support

The Directorate of Research and Postgraduate Support was established to provide a platform to seek, cultivate and administer opportunities for collaborations, Affiliations and Linkages with other institutions, agencies, and corporate bodies of both national and international contexts while facilitating internalization of the University activities.

Mandates of the Directorate includes amongst others as following:

  1. Building the Universitys profile nationally and internationally through partnering with high profile institutions.
  2. Contributing to the Universitys reputation through strengthened capacity development, research and community development collaboration.
  3. Facilitating engagements where the existence of a formal agreement is required.
  4. To also provide support, advice and assistance to the academic and administrative units of the University to facilitate internalization in their respective spheres.

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