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Researchers Of French And Students During The Workshop.

MMUST Researchers of French Urged to Share Research Findings for Increase in Knowledge and Awareness Regarding French

Researchers of French and students during the workshop.

MMUST’s researchers of French have been urged to share their research findings in an effort to increase knowledge of the subject as a language and create awareness of what is happening in the field of French. This was evident during a two-day workshop organized by the Department of Language and Literature Education, which saw French researchers convene to share their research findings. The event, which took place at the MMUST French Resource Centre was graced by the Dean, School of Natural Sciences (SONAS), Dr. Joseph Owino, who was representing the Deputy Vice Chancellor Academic and Students Affairs, Prof. Hussein Golicha.

Researchers of French and students during the workshop2

Dr. Owino addressing the participants during the event.

In his opening address, Dr. Owino stressed on the need for individuals to pursue language studies. He encouraged the participants to embrace the emerging technologies to help in their pursuit of these language skills, saying that the world has an enhanced need for enlightened citizens that are both culturally and linguistically prepared to function in today's world.

“The world has become more interdependent and new technologies have allowed us to work in close contact with people across the world. As we embrace this advantage it is very likely that our relationships with various countries will grow, hence the constant demand for us to speak a foreign language,” said Dr. Owino.

Researchers of French and students during the workshop4

Dr. Rose Auma speaking during the event.

The Dean School of Social Sciences (SASS), Dr. Rose Auma noted that French is an area that is constantly growing and its inclusion in the Competency Based Curriculum (CBC) has made it gain its importance.

“Our French unit began with one (1) student and gradually grew over the years. In the last three years, with the introduction to CBC, our enrolment of French students as a University has gone up with the smallest class having twenty-two (22) students and the highest with sixty-five (65) students. I therefore take this opportunity to encourage our researchers and teachers to join MMUST for their studies because there is going to be a demand in that area. To our students, the demand out there is more than we can produce. Rise up to the challenge and be the best in the region,” she said.

Researchers of French and students during the workshop5

Prof. Isidore Kazadi giving his remarks during the event.

The Coordinator of the French Program and Manager of the French Resource Centre, Prof. Isidore Kazadi urged participants to utilize the resources to further research in the French language. The only Professor of French in the entire East Africa region, Prof. Kazadi is keen on the teaching and learning of the language not only in MMUST but in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, DRC Congo and Rwanda.

Researchers of French and students during the workshop7

CoD of Language and Literature Education, Dr. Jairus Omuteche addressing the participants.

The Chairman of Department (CoD) of Language and Literature Education, Dr. Jairus Omuteche pointed out that the workshop will help the researchers to keep teachers of French abreast of what is happening in the field of French. Additionally, he also noted that it will help enhance the teaching of French as a subject in secondary schools.

Further, he echoed Dr. Auma’s sentiments saying that CBC is bringing out the relevance of French as a subject and language. “We look forward to making the study of French and the training of teachers of French a very vibrant activity in the department. We look forward to more forums of this nature that will help expand knowledge and create awareness about French in our midst,” stated Dr. Muteche.

The workshop attracted notable personalities, including; Dr. Clara Bulili, Dr. Joyce Kasili, Dr. David Wanina as well as students pursuing French Language studies. Some of the thesis findings presentations were: ‘Stratégies d'aide à la production orale: cas d'étayage dans l'enseignement du français du tourisme et de l'hôtellerie en milieu universitaire kényan.’ -Dr. David Wanina, ‘Compétences des apprenants Kenyans du FLE à travers leurs productions écrites sous formes de textes injonctifs: cas des recettes et programmes’ -Ms. Veronica Odiala and ‘Continuités et/ou discontinuités des politiques linguistiques relatifs à l'enseignement du FLE (De 1963 à 2017)’.

There was also a presentation by the Chairperson, Kenya Association of Teachers of French Western Kenya- Mr. Emmanuel Namasaka, on . The presentations continue today from 10 am in the French Resource Centre, MMUST.

By Caren Nekesa  and Sheila Ivayo 

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