Dr. Musera Geoffrey Ababu

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Department of Educational Planning and Management
School of Education (MMUST)
P.O. Box 190-50100
Kakamega, KENYA
Office no. MEA 014
Kakamega-Webuye Road
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ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0001-8494-4778

ReseracherID: AEL-3608-2022

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Dr. Musera Geoffrey Ababu

Musera Geoffrey Ababu holds a doctorate degree in Economics of Education and Management and is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Educational Planning and Management. Musera teaches Planning and Economics of Education, Research and Educational Statistics. Before joining MMUST in 2010, Musera worked at the Teachers Service Commission. Musera research interest is in Planning and Economics of Education with specific focus on Access and Equity in Education, Financing of Education, Schooling Outcomes, and Education Policy Analysis. Musera currently serves as a member of the Departmental Post graduates Studies Committee, School Practice Coordinator for Butere-Mumias Zone, and a Warden.

Some of his major Publications:

  1. Seroney k. Sirak, Epari Ejakait,Geoffrey Musera. Endogeneity and Human Capital in Higher Educationn A Critical Analysis of Investment Returns Among Teacher’s in Uasin Gishu County, Kenya. published on 15th October 2022 in JUMUGA Journal of Education, Oral studies and human science. DOI: https://doi.org/10.35544/jjeoshs.v5i1.48
  2. Wabwire D. Sogoto, Musera G. Ababu and Ogenga P. Akumu (2020). Relationship Between Students SES and Choice to Enroll in Public Secondary School Category in Busia County, Kenya. International Journal of Education Humanities and Social Science. Volume 3 (01), 101-109. ISSN: 2582-0745. Available on-line at: http://ijehss.com/.
  3. Waswa O. Matsa, Musera G. Ababu and Opiyo Rose (2019). Influence of Teacher Characteristics on Learning Readiness Among 5-6 Years Old in Public Pre-Schools in Kimilili-Bungoma Sub-County, Kenya. European Journal of Education Studies. Volume 6 (8), 17-26. ISSN: 2501 – 1111. Available on-line at: www.oapub.org/edu.
  4. Musera G. Ababu (2019) Equity in Higher Education Loan Disbursement to Self-Sponsored Students in Public Universities in Kenya. European Journal of Education Studies. 6(6), 223-238. Available on-line at: www.oapub.org/edu.
  5. Musera G. Ababu (2019). An Analysis of HELB Socio-Economic Status Criteria on Loan Awards to Self-Sponsored Students in Public Universities in Kenya. International Journal of Education Humanities and Social Sciences. 2(5), 55-69. Available on-line at: http//www.ijehss.com.
  6. Masinde C. and Musera G. Ababu (2019). Does Parental Socioeconomic Status Matter in Pupils’ Academic Achievement in Kenya Certificate of Primary Education? International Journal of Education Humanities and Social Sciences. 2(5), 70-78. Available on-line at: http//www.ijehss.com.
  7. Mango C., Musera G. and Ogenga P. (2018). Effect of Teacher Instructional Practices on Girls’ Performance in Mathematics in Public Secondary Schools in Mumias Sub-County Kenya. International Journal of Innovative Research and Knowledge. 3(8) 119-124. Available on-line at: www.ijirk.com.
  8. Wakwabubi S. and Musera G. (2018). An Analysis of the Effect of Students’ Social-Economic Status and Equity in Form One Admission in National Secondary School Clusters in Kenya. International Journal advances in Social Sciences and Humanities. 6(11), 1-11. Available Online at: www.ijassh.com.

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