Get a strong and credible foundation that opens doors with our Academic programmes.

Diploma Programmes (Level 6)

1. Diploma in General Agriculture
2. Diploma in Horticulture
3. Diploma in Building Construction
4. Diploma in Civil Engineering
5. Diploma in Water Technology
6. Diploma in Disaster Management
7. Diploma in Security and Intelligence
8. Diploma in Fitness Instruction and Recreation Management
9. Diploma in Sports Coaching
10. Diploma in Sports Administration and Management
11. Diploma in Business Management
12. Diploma in Information Communication and Technology
13. Diploma in Business Information Technology
14. Diploma in Criminology and Criminal justice
15. Diploma in Applied Biology
16. Diploma in Refrigeration and Air Conditioning
17. Diploma in Music and Dance
18. Diploma in Mechanical Engineering
19. Diploma in Electrical and Electronics Engineering
20. Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology
21. Diploma in Medical Bio-technology
22. Diploma in Human Nutrition and Dietetics
23. Diploma in Hospitality and Institutional Management
24. Diploma in Public Relations and Creative Advertising
25. Diploma in Early Childhood Education

Certificate Programmes (Level 5)

1. Certificate in General Agriculture
2. Certificate in Sports Coaching
3. Certificate in Fitness Instruction
4. Certificate in Disaster Management
5. Certificate in Business Management
6. Certificate in Music and Dance
7. Certificate in Criminology and Criminal justice
8. Certificate in Health Promotion
9. Certificate in Security and Intelligence
10. Certificate in Information Communication Technology
11. Certificate in Mortuary Science & Practice

TVETA Accredited Courses

1. General Agriculture 6
2. Horticulture 6
3. Building Construction 6
4. Civil Engineering 6
5. Disaster Management 6
6. Security and Intelligence 6
7. Fitness Instruction and Recreation Management 6
8. Sports Coaching 6

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