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The two teams walked into the pitch winless, both looking forward to come out with a first victory, but the varsity boys, famously known as “Makaka” to mean brothers could not let this one go. The MMUST’s team captain, Mr. Kevin Abuga scored a try to give MMUST the lead after his quick reaction against a foul play on Samuel Mbeche. Few minutes to the break, another tactically calculated try was scored by the red hot MMUST forward Lameck Ambetsa, to give MMUST a 12-point lead.

Despite Mwamba’s attempts to regain their focus into the game and play according to their seniority and experience in the league, the Makakas remained adamant giving their hosts a hard time on the backline. The Mwamba side pressed on, only to manage a penalty which was scored by Brian Mwangi to make the scoreboard 12-3, going into the break.

The second half became tougher and the hosts were awarded another penalty after an offside committed by MMUST, which changed the scoreboard to 12-6. The Makakas however became more aggressive, which helped them claim the win.

Being the first win of the season, it serves as a morale booster to the boys going into their next game where MMUST are expected to host Nondies in Kakamega on Saturday 27th March 2021. Speaking after the match, MMUST RFC Coach Dr. Ochieng Ahaya expressed his pleasure, congratulating his boys for outsmarting such a big team with a lot of experience in the league. The team manager, Mr. Nelman Obwengi also praised the boys for the high level of discipline both off and on the pitch which he said, attributed to their win.

Congratulations to the MMUST boys for their prolific efforts on the pitch, and many thanks to the University Management, led by Prof. Solomon Shibairo for their continued support to the team as it continues to grow from one level to another.

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