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For Portal help & instructions read below

Email & Portal Activation:


1. Students are advised to First get their email and password from the ICT office

2. For students using smartphones they are advised not to use Opera mini for this process,they should use Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome browser.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I create a portal account as a first time user?


New Students are advised to First get their email and password from the ICT office.

 For Students using smartphones they are advised to use  mozilla firefox or google chrome browser . They should strictly avoid opera mini & uc browser


1. Visit

2. On the bottom right corner, click an Create account. 

3. A new page will be displayed 

4. Under

registration/employee number: enter your Registration number

Password: enter a password of your choice

Confirm password: Renter the password to confirm it

 Click submit. (You will be notified that an activation code has been sent to your MMUST Coporate email.)

5. Visit

6.Login in with your mmust email address and the corresponding password.

7. If prompted to change the password. Do so appropirately and remember the new passord.

under inbox your will find a MMUST Portal confirmation email/link.  click on this link yo activate the portal account.

You can now login to the portal with your reg_number & password.

2. How to do I reset my portal account in case I forget my password?


Underneath the login credentials their is an option for

"Click here to reset password

Click on this option and  enter your Registration  number,

then click on "email link"  button. you will notified to "Please check your email to reset your password."

Next visit and login with your mmust corporate email and password.

click on the "RESET PASSWORD" email in the inbox.

it will prompt you to insert your Registration  number and a NEW PASSWORD of your choice twice. 

Fill the fields appropirately and submit the results.  Your account will now be reset 

You can now login with your admission number and the NEW PASSWORD you entered



3. Why is my fee status incorrect?

You are using Opera mini, UC browser and other third party browsers that cannot render javascript.

To correctly view your fee status and other portal details  use google chrome or mozilla firefox browsers 

4. Why can't I register for my units online?

Before you can register your units in the portal you must have;

1. Reported for the session/semester in the student portal.

2. Cleared you schools fees and have been invoiced appropriately for the session/semester.

If you have met have both criteria but still cant register your units visit ICT offices for further assistance.




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