To be a centre of excellence in the provision of efficient, innovative and competent personnel in Quality Management of education.

To develop an outstanding School of Medicine at MMUST that will be ultramodern in all respects, capable of teaching, research and delivery of healthcare services to patients and to the community. It shall run the teaching and referral hospital in the region as a Level 5 Hospital and have access to all county health facilities; and shall be home to many faculty from far and wide. Exchange programmes for both staff and students will make this School and international centre of excellence. 

The unique innovative way of partnering with the community through its elders shall be exemplary in its symbiotic collaborative arrangements that will yield income generation for the benefit of both the community and MMUST. 

Both students and staff will offer healthcare services in the course of their daily academic activities, through income generating ventures that that will give incentives to workers while alleviating the current severe shortage of staff experienced in all healthcare facilities. Both MMUST and the hospital must rise to the occasion and be willing to try new innovative ways of managing training and healthcare provision.

Ultimately, the School of Medicine at MMUST will eventually be part of the College of Health Sciences (CHS) of MMUST. This necessitates its early incorporation in the master plans and constructions arrangements that will allow for the future development of the CHS.

Many planned Institutes and Centres do appear in the master plans, but they will initially remain dormant due to lack of funding. Those Institutes or Centres that can be started by individual researchers or sponsors shall be enabled to do so as embryonic units of the future facility.



To prepare all round professional educators, planners, and managers of education with competencies skills, knowledge and attitudes for the global market.

1. To start the School of Medicine at MMUST immediately and develop medical programmes with the ultimate aim of making the College of Health Sciences.

2. Training both undergraduate and postgraduate students to alleviate the great suffering of patients and shortage of staff in healthcare facilities in this region with an estimated population of 20 Million residents, where both the Maternal & Infant Mortality are the highest in the country.

3. Installation of income generating and incentive producing projects that will encourage community participation and create improved motivation of staff.

4. Create and maintain a successful and deliberate fundraising strategy by creating relevant support office structures in the Dean’s Office.

5. Produce world-class graduates capable of working anywhere.


Core Values (for both staff and students)

Ethical practice, courtesy and good manners

Integrity and professionalism

Respect and dignity for the human body and life



Feedback in all situations and circumstances

Justice and Fairness

Honesty, Amicability, Collegiality.

Dislike of corruption

Sensible dress code as required by the Medical Practitioners & Dentists Board (MP&D Board)

Good governance 

Total commitment to service delivery

Practice of knowledge-led and evidence-based medicine

Effective communication including good handwriting

Equity and Non-discrimination on any basis whatsoever

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