Good Morning Ladies and Gentlemen,

Let me start by saying that we all aspire for career growth. Career growth is the ability to learn new skills and practise them. In whatever office you hold and whatever task you are given, you have the opportunity to put into reality new skills you acquire. This will be seen in how you serve your customers. Allow me to say that the customer is closely related to your career. His is the very first input to your growth.

Career growth could also be defined as the opportunity to take on new challenges and new responsibilities. How you handle the novel tasks defines which direction your career goes. In fact, how effectively you handle your tasks will define you. Aim to be better at your job each day by striving to improve your job performance. This can be achieved by getting out of your comfort zone and taking up challenging tasks. That is ingredient number two to career growth.

Team work is also crucial in career development. The power of working together cannot be underestimated. In this regard, it would be important to volunteer whenever an opportunity arises. You never know where that little volunteering spirit will take your career. As you grow, you are expected to advance the institution to another level but you need also to factor in the challenges and responsibilities bestowed upon you each day. Handle those challenges with courage and sobriety. Courage gives you the zeal; sobriety makes you seal the loopholes.

One other important ingredient for career growth is education. Education is a never ending river. Consider advancing your skills and expertise through education; take advantage of seminars, conferences and workshops and embrace every training opportunity you get. All this will help increase your skills and become a better person. And who doesn’t love a better person! Building a commitment to reading books, magazines and journals and having a thirst for fresh knowledge will improve your credentials. 

MMUST has the Open Distance and e-Learning (ODeL) platform whereby you can take your studies from the comfort of your home without interfering with your office schedule. We invite you to take up this golden chance and enroll for your preferred programmes. This will go a long way in adding flesh to your credentials. The programmes we offer are flexible since you can enroll and study at your convenience. It is definitely a sacrifice but it is worth it when you finally reap the benefits.

As an educationist, I can assure you that education is a strong pillar in career growth. It is through acquiring proper education that you were employed here. I believe you are in business to make profit -the goal of any business institution. The profit you register today should be higher than yesterday profit. To move up the steps of making profit, one requires more knowledge and novel skills to beat the competition. 

Two important ingredients in your career growth are discipline and honesty. These two virtues are very critical to any staff who dreams of self growth. How you relate to your fellow staff and how you treat your customers matters a lot. A certificate of good conduct is not worth the paper it is written if the virtue of honesty cannot be explicit miles away. 

Remember your customer has entrusted you all their financial affairs; they freely share their financial secrets with you, secrets that they sometimes do not share with their spouses. They seek your honest advice. Your clients also believe that you will handle their money safely. If treated well, the very customers will appreciate your services. Which boss would hesitate to promote such an employee?

Another overarching ingredient of career growth is self assessment. You need to assess your personal characteristics, your interests, your skills, your strengths and weaknesses and use all these SWOT factors to your advantage. It may take time, effort and commitment but you will surely be heading there.

More importantly, you have to love your job and have a positive outlook towards what you do. The only thing that makes us different from each other is our level of understanding and our love towards what we do. Is your job a punishment? Is it a real blessing?

Since you do not have as much experience as I do, once you are newly employed, you always start your new job with passion and you strive for the best each passing day, but along the way, most employees lose that passion. It is important to keep your dreams and your passion alive, long after your career has taken off. Be that plane that always has some fuel. 

Don’t stop coming up with ideas to make yourself better and to make the organization you work for better. This is the only way you will grow and become better each day. Be innovative. In this day and age, employers are on the lookout for innovative employees to keep up with the changing trends. Innovative ideas sell like hotcake. An open mind will enable you take advantage of the opportunities here at KCB. Be open to gain experience in other fields as well. 

Finally, for every successful career, you need to create good business networks because life is all about relationships. So, be a smart socialize; making use of your online and offline networks with prospective clients, colleagues and co-workers to create success and empower yourself.

What will differentiate you from others in the next five years are the choices that you make today and every day. All the best in your career; the bright side has just opened. 

Thank you.


Prof. Eng. F. A. O. Otieno, FAAS

Vice Chancellor

Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology

P.O Box 190-50100




14th October 2015

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