Vice Chancellor’s Address to the Faculty of Science, Pure and Applied Chemistry Department Seminar on 11th and 12th May 2015 at the University

Our visitor, Prof. Catherine Ngila,


Deans and Directors,


Staff and other invited guests,

Good morning. It is an honor to be part of this seminar at the Faculty of Science, and which is hosted by the Pure and Applied Chemistry Department. As we may all be aware, the main aim of this Seminar is to share Prof. Ngila’s expertise, experiences, research work and ultimately her advice on various issues related to her research work. Apart from the Faculty of Science, Pure and Applied Chemistry Department in particular, learning from these exchanges of ideas, we expect that Prof. Ngila will, from now on, work closely and collaborate with the Department in other programs that will be agreed upon. This can be at the University level, Faculty level or at the Departmental level.

In any University, the Chemistry Department is a key mover in research and, consequently, publications that go a long way in making the University visible. I am pleased that the Pure and Applied Chemistry Department at MMUST is taking its rightful role and it is commendable that for the past three months, 5 peer reviewed publications have been produced. Although you have achieved 13 publications in six months, the target can still be improved if you worked in groups. I wish to encourage all staff at the Department to, at least, produce a paper a year. This can be achieved by forming research groups, three or four in number, that is, organic, inorganic, analytical and environmental groups, each led by a senior researcher, and a group of post graduates. This model will produce more research findings and publications. Prof. Ngila is here and the Department can take this advantage through her guidance to form the groups and immediately go ahead to draft research proposals for funding.

I am also aware of The World Academy of Sciences (TWAS) grant for the environmental research group in the Department. Three postgraduate students are involved in this scholarship where their tuition fee, stipend, and research facilitation is taken care of. Other grants are the DAAD, IFS, TWAS-DFG and NACOSTI which you have recently received. I encourage you to keep up with the work you are doing. 

Infrastructure-wise, I am aware of the recent instruments received this year through African Bank Grant, namely, FTIR, AAS, UV-VIS. May I urge you that you efficiently and adequately use these instruments for the intended purpose. I am also aware that one of your three RISKS you mentioned as a Department was fume chambers in the laboratory. I am happy to note that six fume chambers have been delivered at the Department two weeks ago. We will work together to ensure we reduce the risks you mentioned.

I would like to, once again, welcome you Prof. Ngila to MMUST and to commend you for the work that you have done – and for all that you may yet do. I pray that this Seminar is a success. I hope that you gain much knowledge and that you act boldly on what you learn.

With these few remarks, I want to officially declare the Seminar open.

God bless Pure and Applied Chemistry Department, God bless MMUST. God bless Kenya.

Thank you

Prof. F.A.O Otieno FAAS

Vice Chancellor

Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology

P.O Box 190-50100

Kakamega, Kenya

+254 56 30686

11th May 2015


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