“Thank you for the roles that each of you has played to assist in enhancing service delivery to our clients,” said the Vice Chancellor, Prof. Fred Otieno during a fruitful meeting with the University Administrators held at the MCU Boardroom on Tuesday, 26th January, 2016. Prof. Otieno encouraged the Administrators to always focus on the truth and on the duties specific to their particular offices. 

He urged all administrators to use their freedom of expression responsibly and reminded them to appreciate other people’s rights, “We should strive to respect the rights of others and always be mindful of what we say and put down on paper. Let us exercise restraint in whatever we do. That way, we will have a more cohesive MMUST society”

Prof. Otieno emphasized that 2016 would be a year of implementation so that MMUST staff can enjoy the benefits of a working great University. On the issue of internal transfers, the Vice Chancellor advised the office administrators to understand that transfers are done out of necessity. He encouraged staff to embrace job rotation as a way of enriching their job performance . On the issue of Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA), staff were assured that MMUST Council is ready to start negotiating for the new CBA.

Deputy Vice Chancellor, A&F, Prof Joseph Rotich appreciated the work done by the Administrators in ensuring University activities run smoothly, “You have a great responsibility in this Institution and you are the people that make things move.” He acknowledged that a number of staff seem to visit the clinic for ‘stress-related’ human conditions that require managing. Prof Rotich encouraged staff to take care of their health by engaging in exercise and taking short breaks noting that the University is soon recruiting a specialist in this area.

The Administrators are required to sign appraisals contracts where they will negotiate what is expected of them both in eth short term and long term.

During the meeting, MMUST Office Administrators had an opportunity to ask questions on pertinent issues affecting them. In response, the Vice Chancellor assured staff of their freedom to work, and the University’s support for each staff member’s growth.


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