The Performance Contracting negotiation exercise came to its climax on Monday 9th November 2015 by a signing process presided over by the Chair, Masinde Muliro University Council, Dr. David Nyamwaya. Dr. Nyamwaya assured the staff that performance contracting is an avenue towards quality total management and effectiveness. He urged staff to be transparent, accountable, open and contribute towards making MMUST the University of Choice nationally, regionally and globally. 

Dr. Nyamwaya explained the main reason for signing the contract. “This PC helps show that we are using the scarce resources effectively. We have to justify whatever we do not just to government, but also to all stakeholders especially our students,’ said Dr. Nyamwaya. “Students need to know they are getting the best in the best environment by the best people who deliver quality knowledge to them and inspire them as well,” added Dr. Nyamwaya.

Dr. Nyamwaya also shared Chancellor’s message, H. E the Third President of Kenya, Hon. Mwai Kibaki who in the message appealed to all teaching staff to ensure that MMUST products are relevant to the market. This would enable the MMUST be a shining example and its graduates be sought after.

The Council Chairman assured the staff of Council’s commitment in ensuring that the needed resources are available, policies are in place to enable them do what they have to do and products of their labour are of the highest standards.

The Vice Chancellor, Prof. Fredrick Otieno lauded all those involved in the whole exercise from training, negotiation and signing the Performance Contracts. “This whole activity is very important because it will assist us create sustainability and grow to higher heights,” said Prof. Otieno. The Vice Chancellor also appealed to all staff to play their role, keep evidence of what they do and handle their dockets fearlessly. “I appeal to you to play your role and account for your actions. There is no need for policing. Do not fear to handle your docket. Let us do these things timeously, naturally and seamlessly,” added Prof. Otieno.

Deputy Vice Chancellor, (A&F), Prof. Joshua Rotich in whose docket the Performance Contracting falls, expressed his satisfaction about the PC training noting that it will help MMUST improve its service delivery and performance. He challenged all staff to think of how to implement it by preparing detailed workplans. “The PC is a tool that will help MMUST improve service delivery and performance. The key task now is how to implement it. Indeed, you will need to come up with plans that will assist you realize its implementation,” said Prof. Rotich reiterating the University’s determination to achieve great targets during the 2015/206 financial year.

Deputy Vice Chancellor, (A&SA) Prof. Josephine Ngaira praised the cascading process which she termed as an effective decentralization of services. Prof. Ngaira called upon all Deans, CODs, Directors and Coordinators to set targets they can achieve. 

The performance contracting exercise was organized by the Directorate of Performance Contracting and Evaluation team led by Acting Director Mr Henry Wati. The Performance Contracting activity is to be cascaded further into staff appraisals for different cadres of staff.

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