MMUSO leadership has been urged to employ proper tools in addressing issues that will enable the University run its activities effectively. 

Speaking during the official opening of a four day 13th MMUSO Student Leaders Workshop at the Christian Guest House, Kakamega on 15th September 2015, Acting Vice Chancellor Prof. Joseph Rotich outlined seven key apparatus the student leaders should have in mind. 

Prof. Rotich discussed the need to have and observe proper channels of communication, prudent financial management, transparency, fairness, legacy and fighting radicalization. The Acting VC emphasized on being procedural when handling concerns raised by their fellow students.

“By following the right procedures, you will be able to handle unnecessary unrest among students. Whenever we have grievances ensure that proper procedures are followed. Violence has never been a solution to any problem,” Prof. Rotich said.

Vice Chancellor Prof. Fredrick Otieno in his address to the Student leaders in an email read by the Ag. Dean of Students encouraged the leaders to be guided by a quote by Prof. Peter Rucker’s that focuses on four principles of good leaders.

Deputy Vice Chancellor (A&SA) Prof. Josephine Ngaira expressed joy for having a student leadership that embraces gender and regional balance. She reminded the leaders that as they serve in their capacities as student leaders, the main objective of being in MMUST is to train and study so as to get good degrees.

“I am very happy to be here and to be part of this leadership. The 12th MMUSO workshop had only one lady, but this 13th MMUSO governance structure has six ladies out of 32 members and its composition has captured all categories of students,” said Prof. Ngaira.

Deputy Vice Chancellor (PR&I) Prof. Egara Kabaji challenged the leaders to employ soft power in disseminating their duties. “It is not useful to riot. You need other tactics to be heard. There is power in soft power,” said Prof. Kabaji.

Prof. Kabaji also urged the new leaders to be knowledgeable by reading widely and have a sense of protocol.

The participating student leaders outlined their expectations including the ability to manage their finances, stress management and interaction. The leaders also had an opportunity to share their thoughts with members of top management.

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