The Deputy Vice Chancellor, Planning, Research and Innovation, Prof. Egara Kabaji had a consultative meeting with lecturers in charge of common courses at the University, to chat the way forward on how the e-platform learning system would be implemented. 

During the meeting on Tuesday 8th September 2015, the DVC PRI emphasised the need to come up with ways to overcome challenges of teaching a large number of students in our African universities by embracing new modes of teaching.

“As a University of Science and Technology, we want to promote e-learning as a way of reducing traffic in the classrooms and increasing traffic in the air. MMUST needs to take its place as a University of Science and Technology,” he noted.

The Chair, Language and Literature Departments spearheading implementation of the e-platform of learning, Ms. Susan Choge encouraged the lecturers to embrace the new system. She assured them that the new system will aim to maintain the quality of education regardless of the large numbers of students. 

“This system will benefit both lecturers and students. Students will have to be responsible enough to seek information, revise and go through the rigours of coursework. Lecturers will also be saved from the strenuous work of addressing a large number of students and instead, direct learners through the e-platform,” she observed.

The Director Public Communications and Publishing and a Facilitator in Module writing, Dr Bob Mbori shared with the lecturers on how the e-platform would work and came up with suggestions ideas of how to overcome any challenges faced while using the e-platform.

The Director, Open and Distance E-Learning (ODEL), Prof. Stephen Odebero thanked the lecturers for their positive attitude in embracing the technology. He also assured them that embracing the e-platform will have its share of challenges which the implementers should be ready to face boldly. 

The e-platform will have a provision for group discussions through an academic online chat system. 

The University will set aside a computer hub which will be used by students to access the e-platform. Lecturers will also be allowed to have physical contact with the students through the face-to-face interaction at certain intervals all throughout the semester.

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