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This is a committee comprising of 21 members appointed by the office of the Vice chancellor. The objectives of MMUST-IERC is to Protect the mental, social, physical, welfare, rights, dignity and safety of participants of research both human and animal participants. To facilitate ethical research through efficient and effective review processes. Following the awareness created by the NACOSTI, research institutions are expected to have a functional and accredited Institutional Ethics Review Committees to be able to give approval and delegated authority to an ethics committee to conduct ethics review on behalf of the National Bioethics Committee. MMUST –IERC has been given 3 years’ accreditation to execute this mandate. All researches/projects within MMUST and the community around that involve human beings, animals and plants or affects them directly or indirectly should receive approval from IERC before NACOST can issue them with Permit to do research.


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